Personal Piñatas

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I am going to suggest that along with reading my profound daily missive, that you read Stanley Fish’s column at today. That’s why I’m keeping this shorter than usual.

I know that some people read my blog because they like it, and I think that means they like me. And I know that some people read my blog because they don’t like me. I know because of some of the comments I get. Because it’s MY blog, I have chosen not to publish nasty comments. Eventually, those with their word weapons go away. Because I am a journalist, it bugs me to NOT let such people air their differences with me. It does. I am all about discussing differences. But then it usually disintegrates in how ugly they say I am. That has nothing to do with my words or ideas, so I draw the line.

Stanley Fish laments meeting those people who become our personal piñatas. He says it is to be avoided. I like his tactics. And, as someone who often feels avoided, it gives me a little tiny attagirl deep inside.

Now to hide in the words of work.