Double workout day.

@postaday 295; #postaday2011.

This morning I was startled by my alarm at 5:45 to ride my bicycle for the first time since the Honolulu Century Ride on 9/26. John and I did the full century, and the next two weeks were busy with obligations, none of which I resented. I filled in where I could with workouts at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai. I got back in the pool Thursday. I have my #5kin100days commitment.

After the ride I let my hair down. Who's taking the shot? Rock Racing arm sleeves paired nicely with the Dead Head jersey.

Today’s ride was nice. Some wind. Some obstacles. Some friends. Some familiar faces and turns, the same bumps in the road. Here are today’s stats.

Tonight we’ll do #5kin100days, because, once again, life is getting shuffled around a little bit.

I guess you could say all this keeps the mind and body flexible, it helps us with our resilience, it makes us ready to dodge right when the zingers come from the left.