Cubed to the 10th.

@postaday 306; #postaday2011.

There’s so much to do at work, and not much time to spare, and I just got asked by Rose if I would be ready to move tomorrow. Legitimate question, since I only have one box packed.

I'm displacing the 10th-floor First Aid station. But if you say please, I might take care of you if you need a shoulder to whine on.

I assured her I would. I do my best to always make deadline, no matter what kind of project it is. My new cube on the 10th floor is its first aid station, until tomorrow. I asked Rose if she could look into whether or not my job title would expand to include kissing boo boos and soothing egos. I think it would mean a promotion. That’s what executives do around here!

I like change, I like adventure, I like getting the feel of the vibe in a different area of the Mothership. My new cube is very cave like, a safe, womb-like cocoon of fabric walls, metal cabinets and pressed wood desk tops. The wood is new for me. I wonder how I’ll like it, whether it will be easy on my eyes, and where the grains will lead me as I follow them along with my thoughts.

Those of you who know me would probably be surprised at how quiet a worker I can be. In between projects, I take breaks and make some noise on social media. I check in on my virtual friends, I give shout outs and share posts, and then I submerge into the quietness of contemplating what is before me, writing it in such a way that it seeps into the mind of my audience as easily as possible.

I love the virtual hugs. But the IRL ones are better. I take what I can get though. Not many of you can come to Hawaii and give me a squeeze!