Week 2 Begins: #5Kin100days

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I took Kid1&2 with me last Wednesday and Friday to do my #5Kin100days workout at Triangle Park in Kahala. We went after I get off work. The sun sets, the moon a gorgeous dimple, the stars sparkled. Toads entertained my girls. We kept to the right so the other more experienced athletes wouldn’t be thrown off by we Benderettes.

My knees aren’t thrilled with what’s going on. My Achilles never really complained after the first day. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing: I’m taking it slow, I’m only competing with myself, I’m just trying to get to a 5K in 100 days without hurting myself. One of the great things about this free program at bradgansberg.com is that Brad explains why we have to take it slow. We build up the strength in these muscles in our feet. Our lungs get used to the effort. Our cardio slowly strengthens. I need all this, but I know I need it slowly.

I didn’t get to ride my bicycle this weekend. I rested on the laurels of having ridden in the Honolulu Century last week. This was our third full 100-mile century. I’m eyeing the Haleiwa Metric Century for April now. Yesterday I took Kid1&2 to the Hawaiian Humane Society Pet Walk and since that wasn’t a huge effort after getting out of bed very early, I darkened the doors of 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai yesterday at lunch time and did 65 minutes on my old friend the elliptical, or as I like to call it, HELLiptical. Felt good. Linkin Park, FTW!

It’s time to review Brad’s Week 2 pep talk and schedule. I’m in this.

Kid1 and Kid2 got up early to see the pets.
Noreen Kam's "Turbo" was fresh and cute!
Results from yesterday's elliptical session at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai. I had to do SOMETHING!