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Newlywed colleagues Mel and Andrea are returning from a trip to Europe, with two stops to and fro in my beloved New Jersey. Andrea is from the same town where my sister lives. It’s fun to have someone I work with know everything Jersey and who gets me. I love that they have taken this trip. It’s romantic.

Before we had our daughters, John and I traveled a lot. I love to travel. Or maybe I should say I LOVED to travel. We always flew United and we used to upgrade to first class, champagne flutes, food on china, and La-Z-Boy-like seats. For now, those days are over. Flying is the roughest part of traveling. No one is happy on board a plane. Everyone is just meh.

I have another friend who is about to retire. Many of us are sad that he is leaving, but we’re also happy for him and his wife, and we hope to follow his adventures wherever they take him. I cannot help but think about how romantic it all must be.

You see, I romanticize everything. I don’t read romances, as they don’t appeal to me. Plus, they hold nothing compared to the fantasies of romance that flit about in my brain when I think about those for whom life is where the grass is greener. I also know that every one of my friends for whom I imagine having amazingly romantic and fun lives would tell me that my ideas are nice but not wholly accurate.

I do know that. But these are my fantasies, and if only you knew how glorious I perceive your life to be!

Then I think about how I might be perceived. Do people wonder about me and John, aka @AlohaJohn, and what it’s like when we’re home together, what it’s like for us as we raise our family, do our laundry, wash the dishes, eat our meals? What’s it like for us to see each other on Saturday morning because we really haven’t seen each other all week?

Sometimes I think working different shifts adds to the romance. We’re so used to it. It helps a lot because John gets the girls to school and I pick them up. Somebody’s here to receive packages, someone’s always home it seems. Life is smooth, for the most part, and although it isn’t all romance, it’s comfortable, it’s nice, it’s our home, it’s our life.

Are  you single and longing to look into someone’s eyes and feel a connection no other person made with you? I remember that. I envy you strong and well-to-do singles who managed to get your acts together, finished college (I did that much later than the rest of you), secure good jobs and now responsibly pay off a mortgage. I admire you so much.

But I think life is so much better when you share it with someone. Even when something goes wrong between you, working through those issues reinforce the fibers of your friendship. Who could possibly be a better friend to you than the person you marry? If that gives you pause, then…

Oh look at me. Our anniversary is 10/22. It’s16 years, as confirmed by John moments ago, because I always loose track. I don’t even worry about it.

Sorry this was late. Procrastinated.