Photo fun while riding in the wild: A touch of klass for Kahala

Could this be the first of several statuaries installed at a Kahala Avenue property? There's room for many more!

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Gee whiz, the traffic was NUTS today! Hawaii is an early risers location. Many of us get up early to work out, but also a lot of people are out on the roads. I was thinking this morning while I was headed west on Kalanianaole Highway that rising early was no guarantee that traffic would be light and calm.

When I got to Makapu’u this morning, I decided to try taking a surround photo with Microsoft’s Photosynth on my iPhone. While I was shooting, this guy comes up and he ends up being in my picture. Poor dude was huffing and puffing like I do! Then he says hi to me! It’s David, who is married to my HMSA colleague and Facebook friend Kari Lum! So he took my picture, too, and I hope wearing slimming black paid off!

Photosynth photo of Makapu'u.

We parted there and I ended up trying to get down the hill with two women who came from the Waimanalo side. I waited in the middle of them and then left them behind when we got to the bottom. I WIN! LOL. I can hear John now as he rolls his eyes and says: “You’re so competitive.” I just bat my eyes demurely. Moi?

Today was one of those days when I’d pass people on Kalanianaole Highway, go into a valley and then come back out onto the highway and pass them again. It gets tricky with the busy traffic, too. And then when I got to Diamond Head, the place was crazy nuts with people pouring out of two full-size tour buses, two smaller tour vans, and a trolley to capture their Kodak moments. There was also a truck backed into one of the lookouts with a satellite dish, no doubt linked to the various events associated with today’s Honolulu Triathlon International Festival of Sports.

Today's Kodak moment for me was in Kahala. They look like they're putting up a tree ala Iwojima!

I had my own tickle-my-funny-bone Kodak moment today, too. In fact, I even turned around and went back to take a picture with my iPhone. My iPhone camera was acting up so I stood there and restarted my iPhone4 and snacked on some pretzels while calmly waiting. A brand new statue was installed yesterday at a property where I see Gensiro Kawamoto nearly every weekend, bobbing around under his giant blue Halekulani Hotel umbrella. A touch of class for Kahala. I’m sure the well-heeled neighbors gasped in unison upon discovering the installation. There’s room for more. I’m willing to bet there will be additional naked cherubs and scantily clad angels, with their darling little nether regions exposed. I just wonder if this is a kooky guy’s way of saying “Nuts to you!”

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