Blogging: Just another word for laying it on the line.

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It is true that I have a degree in journalism, but I wouldn’t say that just because I have a blog that this is strictly a journalistic endeavor. I don’t have to answer who, what, where, why, and how every time I sit down and write. I don’t have to have a compelling lead, but I do try. I don’t have to write in an inverted pyramid style. Sometimes I write poetry. Sometimes I write a recipe. Mostly this blog is based on what I’m feeling and my experiences. Anyone can do it. Anyone can editorialize. Anyone can come down on one side or another about an issue. And no one has to read this.

I have often considered allowing the negative responses to my blog entries be public, but, I’ve decided I’m not obligated to do that. This isn’t an editorial news site. I’m entitled to my personal expression, you’re entitled to yours, and I don’t have to publish anything but what I want here. So when I get constructive feedback, I allow it to show in the comments section.

Being called naive or called out for the color of my skin doesn’t make the cut. People who hide behind aliases because they are haters don’t either. Those aren’t triggers for a conversation. There is no interest on their behalf to weigh the issues. There is only this: I am wrong and they are right. And because it is impossible for them to be any other way, there is no point in engaging or letting their opinions take up bandwidth here.

Mahalo to those of you who have contributed to this resilience I’m developing, this thick skin from which insults roll off, to the confirmation that I’ve got an ability to trigger strong emotions that are all over the spectrum. I enjoy this daily blogging endeavor of sharing something I’ve learned or experienced. I’m interested in what your opinion and experience is as well. There is always room for intelligent discourse. Not so much for hot-headed haters.

Blogging is an extension of myself, and I’m willing to own each word I write. If you are, too, then get yourself a blog. Many sites, like WordPress, are free. Let’s see what you’ve got.