I’m going to tweet this

Rain sheeted into the ocean south of Koko Head at about 5:45 p.m. last night.

@postaday 123; #postaday2011.

That’s what I said on the way home last night, riding shotgun in Carrie-Anne Kokubun’s Honda Odyssey. Carrie and I are now carpooling to and from work since we live so close to each other out in Hawaii Kai. The weather took a turn toward excitement, and rain and thunder was in the air! The atmosphere was electric! Unfortunately, that was about it. On the way home, when we had hit our second set of traffic lights that weren’t functioning on Kalanianaole Highway, I detected a trend: Island-wide power outage. I’m such a sleuth.

“Why not call 911?”

“Because Twitter is faster.”

And that’s how news travels in Twitterlulu. Hawaii is in the midst of thunderstorms, there have been water spouts, the rains have fallen in torrents, the ligtning is tripping fantastic! John got very little sleep last night. So did I. The cats huddled in their hidee holes in the garage. And when I got up to work out at 330 this morning, I was greeted with more lightning on my way to 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai.

Hawaii doesn’t get thunder and lightning often. It’s a treat, if you ask me. But driving in it is humbug! Driving with people in the rain in Hawaii is like driving in a snow storm with people from Pennsylvania. It’s THAT bad.

Now I’m at work. John is taking the girls to school. More exciting weather is predicted for today. Will Hawaiian Electric Co.’s fragile grid let us down again? May I suggest you charge all devices and hope for the best?