It’s TRUE: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, 2011

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I did some fact checking and this time I got it right. No mea culpa, guaranteed! I’m a mom, so I look forward to Mother’s Day. One year I got our Toyota Sienna van. I love it now  that I have a mechanic I trust and who gives me great tunes when I pay him a visit. That same year I got my surfboard with a push from my husband who didn’t want a fat housewife hanging around the house for the rest of his life. Yay, him. Then two years ago, John got the idea that I should start riding bicycle. I wasn’t immediately won over. I am now! Just try and keep me off my bike on the weekends!

Chat Noir bicycle jersey: Purrrrr, Meowww!

So I’ve been pretty lucky on Mother’s Day. We avoid restaurants because I think that’s the worst day, next to Valentine’s Day, to eat out. I used to always go out surfing on Mother’s Day, which is usually a great day for an Oahu South Shore swell. But you can bet this Sunday I’ll be out on my bicycle for a butt-crack of dawn ride full of awesomesauciness!

Maybe, just maybe, my new jerseys will show up in time for my rides this weekend. I’ve been lusting for a Chat Noir Jersey since I first started riding. And the same is true for the Grateful Dead Skull & Roses jersey. See the resemblance?

Which one should I wear first?

Sometimes the light's all shining on me.

Take care of the mamas this weekend. We take care of everyone else 364 days a year.


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