Gross stuff about bicycle riding; pasta with caviar

Looking south from the Makapu'u Lookout parking lot.

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Check my Garmin stats.

Time: 02:17:41
Distance: 32.56 mi
Elevation Gain: 814 ft
Calories: 644 C
Avg Temperature: 77.9 °F
Time: 02:17:41
Moving Time: 01:58:36
Elapsed Time: 02:22:48
Avg Speed: 14.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 16.5 mph
Max Speed: 41.4 mph

I knew I forgot something this morning. Turned around about five minutes into my ride to get my Garmin heart-rate monitor strap. I’m glad I did. Max heart rate today was just 160! JUST 160!!! Whoa! Yay me!!!!

Looking north from the Makapu'u Lookout parking lot.

There are gross things about riding a bicycle. Stuff I guess people don’t talk about. Like the guys who pass you and then blow their noses by putting their finger on a nostril and expressing out the other. Every guy who has done this near me has actually taken a couple of seconds to be sure there was a clear radius around them and that someone like me wouldn’t get hit with their snot rocket. It’s still gross, but kudos to their genteel sensibilities.

I have found that sometimes I cannot wipe my nose or that for some strange reason I cannot shut my mouth. Eventually this crust forms thanks to the wind and the salty air. I also tear involuntarily, so there are often streaks down my cheeks. Bugs get stuck in the sweat and sunscreen on my knees, I get banged with flies and bees on the face all the time, I hold my breath while passing the opala trucks and honey wagons; I gag when oil-burning trucks or mopeds pass me.

Then there’s interesting stuff on the road. Today on Lunalilo Home Road I passed a steak knife, spotted three live mongooses at the end of Hawaii Kai Drive, lusted for the mangos I passed on the road in Kahala, and marveled at the sparkling glass that is shattered right before the pullout for Allen Davis beach on Kalanianaole Highway. I wonder who does that? Who would do that and not feel bad about insulting the aina? I’ve been lucky that each time I’ve passed that no cars were around and I was able to swerve around the glass glistening in the early sunlight.

The bike and the green bandanna at Diamond Head.

I knew I was a bicyclist when I started taking this stuff in stride. The sweat lines that appear at your hips and under your boobs, the road grit that leaves a streak up one’s butt and back, the grease that gets on the legs, the ripeness of body scents after a ride…you get to a point where you couldn’t care less about any of it. You just feel good. And because you get on your bicycle or go to the gym, or go for a run, the rest of the world can kiss your ass because you just worked yours off.

What’s the best thing about a workout? The end? The way those jeans fit? The slow and steady dissolution of body fat? The growing younger each year? Yes! Yes to all of the above.

Angel hair, fresh tomatoes and caviar. Delicious!

P.S. Last night I made angel hair pasta with sauteed fresh grape tomatoes, minced onion, olive oil, caviar and a small bit of creamy Alfredo sauce mixed with some of the pasta water. It was delicious! I had wanted to make it with anchovies, but when my hunt through the cupboards didn’t yield any, John suggested the caviar. Winner, winner, pasta dinner! That and some bubbly was a perfect meal last night.