Back in the swim

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After a nearly two-year hiatus, we’ve rejoined The Oahu Club for fun, fitness and stress relief for we three Benderettes and John. I even signed up for the masters swimming, beginning next Thursday. Not sure my arm will be able to handle, but I’m going to do what I can in anticipation of the rough water swim I’m doing 9/11/11. Gotta start sometime.

But why not tonight? Honestly, when we get to the pool, it’s cool enough for me to sit along the side at a table and blog. I’m ignoring the aerobics class that’s going on behind me. I note that the masters swimming isn’t so full, so hopefully I can slip in to that routine without much notice. Guess I’ll be getting goggles this weekend, dig through the old swimsuits, and of course resurrect the sun-blocking surf shirts.

I miss swimming, I miss surfing, I miss supping, but not enough to give up my bicycle rides each weekend. Each Friday evening I anticipate my weekend rides, I imagine the route. When Carrie drives home on Fridays, like she did today, I observe Kalanianaole Highway, checking for broken glass, the condition of the shoulder, the perpetual placement of the cones by the bridge in Aina Haina. That’s where I always have to stick out my hand, and always have to depend upon the graciousness of Oahu drivers as I become one of them for as short a span as possible, slipping in and out of their slipstream and back onto the shoulder without getting crunched.

It’s pretty here. When John was growing up, this was called the Hawaii Kai Recreation Center, a community facility and pool. The property is owned by Kamehameha Schools, and it’s nestled into a hillside, and could be a bird sanctuary for all the moorhens, cardinals, crested herons, egrets, ducks and geese that are part of the scenery. My in-laws also belong, and this is where my mother-in-law comes to pluck bougainvillea for lei. There’s plenty.

Kaiser High School is having its graduation tonight, so we avoided the area. We can hear the celebration of parents and children ready to launch, catapulted into both an uncertain and promising world.