From Here to Eternity, Kodak moments are forever.

John and the girls at Halona Cove, aka Here From Eternity Beach, East Oahu.

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I’m all for Kodak moments. And Halona Cove, aka “From Here to Eternity Beach,” could be one of Oahu’s most photographed beaches. Well, let’s just say a lot of photos get taken there. A lot of amateur photographers descend the precarious rocks to get down to the cove, with wannabe models, or wannabe actresses, or girlfriends. However, I sometimes wonder what these photos might be used for.

We take pictures, too. Mostly with our phones. In fact, while there yesterday, I took a photo of John who was taking a portrait of a family when the mother handed John their amazing digital camera. I told the mom that it would be a perfect Xmas card and she said that is exactly what she’s looking for.

A family poses for John, who took the photo with their camera.

So while I swam around with our daughters  in the water, there were various groupings of people taking pictures. When I got out of the water, I sat in my chair to take in the view. This one couple, and I’m not sure they were romantically linked, were all over the cove. She’d jump in her bikini, she’d scale the rocks, she’d roll around in the water, while the guy took her picture.  I took a photo of them when they were over my shoulder. She was giving him a hard time about not getting exactly what she wanted. I was a little surprised at how abusive she was. Sounded like a couple to me.

People need to edit themselves when they are in public. There are people looking from the lookout above down into the cove, taking it all in. There are children all over the cove, and they don’t miss a thing. There are SCUBA divers surfacing, and they, too, take it all in.

Couples in various Kodak moments.

I guess the days of renting a hotel room to pose for holy pictures is passe. At least when you see pictures you regret, there wasn’t an audience already witnessing your lack of propriety. And then there are all those photos of you posing for photos plastered across the Internet. Like these.

That's me posing in a sand chair. Everyone was taking my picture. I wonder why?

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