Spreading the Aloha.

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OK, some people in Hawaii would say my headline is a double entendre. Yeah, well, let’s keep it clean, shall we?

Yesterday I took this shot at Diamond Head Lookout. Little wave action, but breezy!

I noticed something lately. When I’m out riding my bicycle, and I’m always alone these days, or when I’m doing my almost-but-not-quite-a-bonafide run, fellow wannabe athletes smile, wave, and say hi. Sure, there are still the stiffs with their game faces on, and frankly, I have no use for them. But when I’m out there and my heart rate is up, I want a little bit of camaraderie from a fellow sufferer.

Sure, a few days ago I wrote about how a grimace isn’t that much different from a smile, so if your face is already in grimace mode, point the corners of your lips up a wee bit more and piss off the game facers. Now isn’t that fun?

Let me tell you where the running hurts. Right below my knees. Not my shins, but where the knees and the shins meet. Just below the knee caps. And my hip sockets. I had my bones checked for osteoporosis a while ago, like more than 10  years ago so I am due to get them checked again. I hope this is making my bones stronger.

But that’s part of the reason I am learning to run, riding my bicycle, reconnecting with my inner swimmer, and soon to be that surfer chick again. And I want to be happy while I’m doing all this. So smile back. Don’t be a stiff-lipped jerk. Who needs ya? Spread the Aloha!