Today’s workout: Delayed, but on the books.

Do you recognize me? I love this Scattante jersey. It has curvy red racing stripes.


John joined me on my ride today. Since he’s in the Great Aloha Run (GAR) tomorrow, he thought he’d ride with me. The wind is such that it could carve stone. A few times I got hit on the face by organic debris like seeds, branches, sticks, leaves and pebbles. A few times my helmet got lifted off my head! Good thing those bad boys got straps!

All the right breaks happened for us while we were on the ride. Cars backed off at the H-1 Freeway merge and Kahala offramp, paused to let us cross at the Aloha gas station in Kahala, allowed me to get on the drops all along Kealaolu by the Waialae Country Club, and gave us a break on our way back when crossed the Koko Marina Bridge. I felt like John was really pushing me. He’s the coach I love to hate, haha. Our average moving speed, despite gale-force winds, was 17mph. So we were doing all right.

I knew I’d be happy that we had done it, and I knew I’d be happy to be home. Now I gotta make cupcakes with my little cupcake, Kid2.

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