An appetite for lasagne and life

As the years go by each of us in the Bender Ohana has become known for certain dishes. My olive chicken is in demand, as are our grilled tri-tip steaks and African beef stew with its whole mustard seeds and curry flavors, and John’s alarming chili (squeeze of lime, mmmm!). My father-in-law’s paella leads the list, as does my mother-in-law’s humble macaroni and cheese and her tuna-tomato curry. But Sally’s lasagne, which is made with besciamella, has become the new hit. John tackled it this weekend and he did an awesome job.

John's rendition of SIL2's lasagne. Mangia!

When a double batch of lasagne is made for a family of four on a Saturday, chances are there will be a lot of leftovers. What I liked about that was the relatively stress-free weekend we had because we knew what we’d have for dinner. There’s about a third of it left. John made it in one of my rectangular roaster pans, the one I do the rosemary potatoes or the Thanksgiving turkey in. I’m ready to freeze the rest.

When such great food is available constantly, no one should be surprised that I justify it with my 24-Hour Fitness membership and bicycle rides that test my limits, either in the wild or in the living room. Exercise makes a lot of things enjoyable, from seconds to rhymes with flex.

I’m looking forward to sauteing split Brussels sprouts tonight for dinner. I let them steam in a little bit of salted water until it burns off, add the olive oil and a smattering of chili pepper flakes, let them get a nice golden crispiness on the outer leaves. Serve with some fish or chicken? Hmmmm. Depends how inspired I am later today.


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