Yesterday I attended a monthly meeting at work that involves people from across the company and emphasizes the greening of our organization. It was a pretty good meeting, had some interesting discussions, and involved a guest whose primary focus is employee engagement. She brought an interesting perspective to the conversation. She has a job I thought I might like to have. The woman who makes these decisions about who fills what position has an amazing knack for getting it right. So as she talked to us about her mission and why she was sitting in on our team meeting, it really was clear to me that she was perfect for her job.

And it reinforces my belief that I’m the right fit for what I do at work, too, which is writing, soaking up material, distilling it, writing it, editing copy, tweaking it. Seems like a quiet job doesn’t it? I can actually be quite quiet at work, but then the girl who worked in a newspaper newsroom surfaces and I wanna make some noise! So I blog at work and here on WordPress.

While at the meeting, one of the execs lamented to me, with a dose of humor, that I had not responded to her post on the executive blog. If you know me, you know I’m all about seizing opportunities to engage online and to write my fair share of responses or actual original thoughts.

So much so that I felt as though there was too much me. I worried that I had the soapbox all to myself and others were too polite to point that out. Others were probably thinking why I had the time to blog when they were so busy. And it is true. When I am busy, I certainly cannot blog!

But if there is a thought germinating between my ears, I am compelled to find a way to launch it into the Ethernet. And it doesn’t take me long. I write as fast as my fingers can go. I go back and edit. I catch a few errors, clean it up and publish. Like right now. I’m on theBus at Beretania and McCully as I thumb this out on my iPhone. I find a way. There is time for all the things you need to do.

So when the editing and tweaking of my monthly newsletter was pau yesterday, I responded to her post about sustaining interest across the organization in keeping green. It only took me a few minutes.

Postaday2011, @postaday