Pineapple Express

We’ve been promised a wet winter in Hawaii, and as a result the U.S. Mainland can expect some precipitation as well.

WAIT. You say it’s snowing along the Eastern Seaboard? Maybe because of the rain we had a week or so ago? I’m not 100-percent sure, but often our weather is linked with the rest of the globe.

I first got interested in weather when I was little. I love storms, but I never personally suffered tragedy as a result. I’m fascinated by highs, lows, droughts and 100-year storms, of which we’ve seen a few more than expected!

So forgive me when I gripe a little bit about national news services missing the opportunity to point out more than a week out that what is happening in Hawaii could mean something substantial will happen on the Mainland.

Remember when the president and his family came here for their Xmas holiday? The weather wasn’t that great. And now everywhere from Hotlanta to Beantown is getting socked with a big snowball.

Just an observation.
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