Weight Watchers at Work in hiatus

A colleague in a distant department remarked on the dust on my in-house blog and wanted an update on my progress with Weight Watchers at Work. So here’s the deal. WeightWatchers@Work is in hiatus because we need 15 participants. The price is climbing and many people who do participate often learn the drill and then go off on their own. Been there, done that.

With the introduction of its PointsPlus program, I experienced fresh motivation. It came at the end of November, and there we all were facing a world of calorie-laden holiday meals, and for me, an endless pipeline of sparkling wine. Yeah, that’s where I go.

Fortunately I am also on the on-line program, so this pause in the work group shouldn’t be too hard for me. I log on each day and track my meals and exercise; and each week I track my weight, which remarkably has maintained its decline. The fact that I can eat all the fruit I want, and most vegetables (I think corn and peas and such are suspect), appeals to me. Fruit for breakfast is a big change for me but it’s made a difference  — although I will confess an artisan sandwich from Starbucks will gently call me like a salty and bacon-laden siren on the shore.

So yes, down this week for my weight. Putting in an hour on the elliptical every day at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai before work and a rewarding bicycle ride in the wild on the weekends keep me on track. If the weather is good, and if I am good, it could be two bike rides. I cannot explain how much I enjoy that. It’s scary riding along with vehicles, dodging broken glass, boulders and potholes. And it’s a bitch climbing hills that send my heart rate into the 170-180 bpm zone, but when I finish, it’s the best feeling ever. I have to thank my husband John for persisting that I take up riding and for building me a pair of bikes I really enjoy.

Weight Watchers is a solid program and I’m eager to make lifetime, which is less than 10 pounds away for me now.


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