Life is Meant to be Fun.

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I just got asked by one of my colleagues, “Why are you here?” after she wished me a happy birthday. My answer? “I have no idea!”

So maybe I’ll see about taking a different day this week. I’ll check with John. He’s off this week. Maybe we can do some Xmas shopping for our girls while they are in school through Thursday.

Yesterday, which was hugely busy for our family with the Honolulu Marathon and three concerts between our two kids, we had to divide and conquer, split the duties, and spend a lot of time apart. While on their way home last night, Kid1 and John texted an inquiry to see if we wanted to join them for dessert at Hawaii Kai’s Yogurtland. It’s open until 10 p.m. and no one ever has to ask me or Kid2 twice!

The offending pajama pants: Peace, Love, and Daisy Chains!

I told Kid2, who was in the shower and getting ready for bed about our plans, so she got ready to leave the house. I put on my green jacket over my @lavagal Twitter t-shirt, and I was wearing my pink pants with peace signs and daisies on them.


First of all, this kid is 10. She is not the boss of me. Not yet, anyway. If she starts paying for my care when I’m an old lady raising hell in a senior day-care facility, that’s a different story. But not quite yet.

Secondly, I was wearing a bright green New Balance bicycle jacket on top. It sort of covered my butt. So, I wasn’t completely Crazy Pajama Lady.

But John did have a point. I was wearing these obnoxiously bright purple readers, so the entire outfit had a “This Woman Doesn’t Give a Sh^t” quality about it. I got news for you, I told him: “I don’t!” LOL.

Anyway, after much razzing from my family while we were eating our froyo, I have decided that I’ll drop the PJ pants and pull on some jeans the next time we go out in public. Although I feel it is my job, IT IS MY DUTY, to mortify my children often, I don’t want to become the Crazy Color-Coordinated Lady on theBus, or the wife who gets turned out because she’s nuts.

Besides, I doubt I’d look good in a straight jacket.