Celebrating the departing jiggly thighs, et. al.

Kimberly Click and I are worn out but jazzed about the way we seem to be bringing up our rears, flattening our abs, perking up our attitudes! You know what it is about exercise and fitness challenges? They’re actually personal quests to improve the landscape. To prettify the world. To sweeten up the cross walk, the side walk, life’s cat walk for those of us who often find ourselves walking from a bus stop or a parking garage, up an elevator and down a corridor for a short walk to our career cubes where we sit on our butts.

We do it for you. Yeah, we do it for us, but we do it to improve your view. And because honestly we’re sick of our rear views, our bat wings, our jelly bellies, our not-so-proper double chins, and we think juicy thighs go better with grilled veggies than with bathing-suit bottoms. We like the look, the sound, the feel of a sleek hide-away zipper as its slider snakes up our backs, up our flies, up our sides, closing its teeth, reminding us how sweet it is to smile and walk on by the cranberry bliss, the hamburger steak, the deep-fried spring rolls.

So this is not a whine o’clock, a cry-in-our-beer thirty. This is a celebration of 15 days of high fives, and early wake-up calls, and daily sweet sweat sessions and lunch-time runs and attagirls from approving friends and nodding strangers. This is that we’re-so-close-to-the-end-of-the-year and we’re ready for whatever 2011 wants to toss our way. This is a Facebook and Twitter in-your-friends-faces campaign to show just how much fun getting hot each day can be. And night. Depends on when you see our updates, right?

Stay tuned. We’re half way there.

By lavagal

Hawaii Kai wife and mom. Melanoma Stage 3a Cancer survivor. English Language Arts teacher, English Learners Coordinator, and Paraprofessional Tutor. Super sub teacher. Dormant triathlete. Road cyclist and Masters swimmer. Gardener. Mrs. Fixit. Random dancer. Music Curator. A teenager trapped in an aging body. Did you know 60 is the new 40? It is.


  1. fantastic work! i am really impressed by something you’ve given up: excuses. not one “i was up too late so i’ll skip the gym tomorrow” yet. and you seem to have more energy, not less, as a result. way to go! keep going.

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