Training is Humility

Pineapple Run, before.
Kim and me before the run.
One of the bigger hills between stands of eucalyptus. Smelled so good.

This is a busy

John and our twin pineapples.

weekend in Honolulu. I wasn’t in today’s Honolulu Triathlon, but many of my Try Fitness Hawaii friends were. Yesterday I was in the Wahiawa Pineapple 10k Run. John and I each scored a fresh pineapple. How fun is that?

This morning I joined our Tinman training team, a handful of us, for a bicycle ride out to Hawaii Kai and back to Kahala. Normally, I launch from my Hawaii Kai home to Diamond Head or some other summit like Kamiloiki or Makapu’u, and then back. Today was a ride where I was told to spin in a very low gear and match my pedaling with the leader. Spinning in the wild is frustrating for me. I want to pour it on and get power out of every stroke. But I guess this is the art of motion, the calorie burn, the cardio expenditure, the practice that will help me when

Me, after. Next week? Hibiscus 13.1.

I’m in a real race. I’m learning to be part of a team, how to conserve my energy, how to share an experience.

The climb up to the back of Lunalilo Home Road took a lot of effort. I think I’m getting better at hills. Here are today’s stats. I’m not real impressed with the speed, but I’ll get over it. My heart rate monitor needs a new battery, so there’s no reading for heart rate expenditure today.

Here are yesterday’s stats from the Pineapple Run. Out of 42 women in my age group, I came in 24th. There are a lot of hills in Wahiawa. I did alright. Results.

These disciplines spill over into my family and professional lives. I believe the effort I make while working out results in my being realistic about my goals, how I relate to others, and how well I can make this body.