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Today I did day one of Brad Gansberg‘s baby-steps running program, 5-k in 100 days. There are a lot of Get-off-your-dimply-butt 5k programs but Brad is on Twitter, I’m on Twitter, and I love the social media aspect of being out there and accountable. It also fits well with the mission of my employer, Hawaii Medical Service Association, which wants its employees to be as fit and healthy as possible.

We have a fitness center at work, and it is a popular hub for those who want to work out while at work. Carrie-Ann Kokubun, my partner in commuter time, works out there a lot. Most of you know I’m a swimmer and a bicyclist, and now a very slow runner, and I usually do my workouts in the wild. When I go to work, I rarely venture out of my cube because of things like taking care of family appointments, ransoming the children from after-school care, and getting them to music lessons, etc.

Before. Some day this blog will feature an "AFTER."

I digress. Brad’s program is so easy, even an obese couch potato could do it! Today, John took me to get a new pair of men’s Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 because I have big wide feet. I think they look great! We went to Triangle Park in Kahala to run at 1:45 this afternoon, in the hot, bright and sunny day. As you can see, I took it really slow:

  • I stretched for 5 minutes.
  • I walked 5 minutes.
  • I walked fast 10 minutes.
  • I ran 1 minute at a pace probably slower than my fast walk.
  • I walked for two minutes.
  • I did the 1 minute run and 2 minute walk four times more.
  • I then did a cool-down walk for five minutes.
That’s a total of 40 minutes. And the last run didn’t kill me. Let’s just say I probably run like a little old lady, and I run flatfooted to protect my Achilles. But I do feel like I will be running 5k in 100 days because I am being ever so careful.