Honolulu Century Ride in the Books: Sub 6-hour Moving Time!

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I am so worn out and there is so much to do that I’ll leave you with this: Why do I pounce and pound on everyone when I ride? Because I like the resulting pain? I am so addicted to the accomplishment of hammering my bicycle rides. Ugh!

HTFU, LIvestrong, and hey, this is what time we got to Swanzy!

Here are today’s Garmin Stats. Let me tell you how pleased I am with these results!

We always do a leg shot at Swanzy. 50 miles and my feet were sore! Loosened up the Sidis and they felt better.


Nothing a Motrin cocktail won’t fix. Anyway. A few pics from today.

John at the start. I made him work hard today! He says he made ME work hard today! Great Minds!ds!
At the start at Kapiolani Park. See the moon?