Postaday, #postaday2011.

@postaday 247; #postaday2011.

I’ve blogged faithfully for at least 247 consecutive days, just like a lot of other bloggers. I enjoy the exercise. I do it first thing in the morning to rev up my mind because at work I write and edit articles to help doctors and their staffs easily understand the ways of medical insurance plans. It requires compassion. You have to care about  your audience, and you have to care about how they serve our members. And you also have to consider the relationship that exists between the patient and the doctor and his staff. Never diminish that relationship as it is as near as family as one can get.

For me, blogging is therapeutic. If you read my entries, you’ll see I’m all over the map with subjects and thoughts and dreams and realities. On the weekends I wax poetic about my bicycle rides. During the week, I mull current events, personal experiences and observations, losses, and victories. I am waving a flag here at I’m saying come to my virtual cube and be touched by my writing and share it with friends. I know I’m doing that. I know I want everyone to read this. It makes me happy when I get that 50th hit each day. I don’t always, but most of the time I do. On the weekends I get fewer. People seem to read blogs when they are at work, hehe.

It is true I do long to write something worthy of being stitched and bound between covers, buoyed by rave reviews by the New York Times. It is true that I’d love to sell virtual books via It is true that I’d really dig it if I could sustain the stories and feed the hungry readers who love the escape that words provide. I should get off my ass. It would help with the family budget.

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'” — Jedi Master Yoda