Just a Different Sunday in Hawaii.

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Chalk marks.

After yesterday’s exciting 30+ mile bike ride into the wind, up hills, over glass, and through blinding torrential downpours, I thought I better go over my equipment. Last night I looked over my red tires on my red bicycle and found more green glass embedded in the rubber. What an Xmas present, right? When I do this, I wear my reading glasses and use a flashlight to catch the sparkles. I circle questionable spots with white chalk. The tires look like they are wearing the mounain-climbing spotted jersey of le Tour de France. Not that bad, but you get the idea.

I did that for John to see. He came home from work last night (if you read a Sunday paper,

Today's Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

then applaud journalists who work Saturday nights to give you the best pressed possible), and I tried to talk to him but I was falling asleep. All I remember was him saying something like, “Good job on spotting the glass. I want you to check my bike, too.” and that was it. I was off to dreamland. And actually it wasn’t very pleasant. I dreamt a former colleague came back to The Mothership and I went over to welcome him and he was grumpy. Then I found myself on a subway. It was a very weird dream.

Since the bicycle needs to go on the rack for repairs, I’m not out there on the road. Don’t look for the red blur with a gal and her soft underbelly on the roads today. I’m going to have a mocha, make breakfast, and have that ready for John when he returns from marathon clinic. Kid2 still snoozes. She’s really good at that. Kid1 downloaded a new game on her MacBookPro called Portal and I have a feeling its days are numbered, especially if it sucks the life out her the way Mind Crap did.

Comet the Furson cat who thinks he is a dancing bear.

I’ve got ambitions like vacuuming and laundry and dusting, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s enjoy the day. Let’s take it easy. Let’s get familiar with what a Sunday should be. For next week we ride in the Honolulu Century.