Boob Bots Want Me.

@postaday 364; #postaday2011.

Why, oh why? Must be something about me, my Twitter account, my blog, my SOMETHING, that makes me a magnet for boob bots on Twitter. I usually block them right away. The link under the most recent one’s account was for group activities, and I’m not talking paint ball. So, yeah, I blocked Kate-Edwina. But apparently she’s got a pretty good following. I didn’t even bother to see who her 149 followers were.

The same thing happens with this blog’s comments area. WordPress has a very good spam or ham filter. The wacky stuff that lands in there! Every day! All written very poorly, sometimes in their own language/font, always with typos. Most is for Viagra and other enhancements, some is for cheap pharmaceuticals, and others are for virtual relationships designed to end after they drain your bank accounts.

I know this phenomenon is relentless. I just keep emptying my spam bin, blocking the boob bots, and never engaging.