Live Theatre

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We just got home from Diamond Head Theater, where we watched a local production of “Cinderella.” It was lovely. The costumes were like confections, the dancers/chorus were sweet, the voices a little too soft and gentle, and for any of us who were littles in the 60s and who first remember Julie Andrews and then Leslie Ann Warren in the starring role, the music all came right back.

Each year my in-laws treat us to a live show for the holidays. It’s part what-in-the-world-do-we-get-them and let’s-be-creative-with-our-holiday-gift ideas. It works. I like “things” less anyway.

A few months ago I attended the Society of Professional Journalists Gridiron event at Diamond Head Theater. Now THAT is a show. I think public relations people and broadcast journalists are natural hams. And many of them have GREAT PIPES! I love the Gridiron as it’s guffaw-filled from opening number to grand finale. Inside jokes, obvious jokes, exaggerated recounts of current events, are the sort of thing that go on daily in newsrooms, so why not pool resources and put on a great show? That’s what Gridiron is all about.

What we need in this town are more hams, more people with great pipes, more great fun stories that have people talking for months. And break a leg! Really! Pull out all the stops! The theatre is the thing!