Regrettably an Easy Week.

@postaday 356; @postaday2011.

If I were animated, this would be me. Drawn by John, my current Facebook avi.

Well slap me up the side of the head and call me a journalism major! I messed up my @postaday count a week or so ago, so I just adjusted the blog entries. I’m up to 356 straight, which makes sense and puts me about eight ahead of what I’d have entered. That’s because I’m pretty sure I messed up the count earlier this  year. Again with the screw it. I am not about to go back and try and figure out where it happened. Besides, no one ever said anything about it anyway. At the end of the year I should get an email from WordPress about my annual stats so that will be fun to compare with 2010.

So what am I regretting? My #5kin100days is in its second break week. For this 12th of 14 weeks in the program, there are only two run days, and the runs are really manini. I’m getting into this and am looking forward to longer runs. What’s so good about this program, as I’ve said several times already, is that it’s about building endurance. It isn’t about getting from point A to point B. It’s about running a set amount of time. running longer is getting easier. In fact, I’m looking for places where I can run longer and end up sort of close to home where I can turn off the GPS and wrap it up far enough away that I have a sufficient cool down.

In my book, a rainbow is a sign of encouragement. Fortunately, we see them daily in Hawaii. From the 10th floor on the Mothership.

Brad Gansberg suggests cross training this week, so I think I might take my okole to 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai and do some elliptical training after I’m through with the run. As much as I want to go swimming, I’m just not motivated to get in the water at The Oahu Club. I love my coaches. I’m just glad I have a membership and can resume my masters workouts when I am ready.

I was looking at old blog entries I’ve written in the past. I’m a work in progress, for sure. And some of you make it really easy to see how the best I can be will soon be achieved. Thanks for that.