Together, Apart.

Good night, sun!

@postaday 345; #postaday2011.

The next person who asks me what’s for dinner, better be kidding.

We went west to TarJay today,
And didn’t spend as much as we have before.

Kid1 had a gift card from forever ago
so we used it and let her get candy-cane Hershey Kisses.
And of course, we stocked up on
Family vitals:
Hair detanglers,
Spicy mustards,
Miracle potions.

As is our habit, we stopped at
Maunalua Shopping Center.
Subway for Kid2 and I,
Del Mar for Kid1 and him.
A late lunch, late enough to be
Dinner, as it is still a lump in my tum.

On the way home we stopped at the
Kahala apple store
Played with the shiny toys and I
thought how a Mac Book Pro 13-incher
Would fit nicely right here.
In my Hot Spot. Yeah, Baby.

A new apple mothership for our
iThings, etc.

Maunalua Bay was our last stop,
But the sunset was
Decidedly more subtle,
Decidedly less dramatic,
Than it has been all week.
Just a gentle golden hue beyond Diamond Head,
A few brush strokes of mango dabbed among
Purple clouds,
Under a bright, white, waxing moon,
Above a sea of glossy here, rippling there, mirrors and matte,

We take shelter,
Weary of each other,
We retreat to our own spaces,
Comfortably together,
Minds miles apart.

Another whirlwind weekend ends.