Extra baggage

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The 'Rents: Kimberly and Lou, my brother; me and John. At Lou & Kimberly's house.
We ALWAYS have to buy a suitcase when we visit New Jersey to bring back the spoils of joy. Even at 7-percent sales tax, we still find amazing bargains that throw our resolve to travel light out window. I’m paying to check everything through to Honolulu. I do not want to change planes in Chicago and Los Angeles with all these bags. Not when we’re going home.
Anti pasti salad by Kimberly, whom bears a striking resemblance to Giada DeLaurentis.
And yes there’s some extra baggage around the waist. I must say that all of the walking we did on this trip — in New York City, on Long Beach Island, in Washington, D.C., even at the Palmyra Nature Center — did help us burn off the extra calories. What can I say? When you can get four hoagies for under $20, or a giant cheesesteak Italiano and two slices of pizza for under $12, or 25 Philly soft preztels for $12, you tend to add another item to the bill. Fortunately, my favorite vegetable was in abundance and I had lots of broccoli raab just about every time I ate in an Italian restaurant. Yay for greens sautéed with garlic!
Broccoli raab from http://www.ragazziMarlton.com. As is the cheesesteak Italiano.

All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go. One final night in South Jersey. My friends and my family showed us wonderful times. It’s been a great trip and I know my girls will remember it for a long time.
Soft pretzels from the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory in Moorestown, N.J.


Foot-long cheesesteak Italiano: steak, provolone, broccoli raab, roasted peppers and onions. Take the canoli. Leave the sandwich!

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