New York City has Aloha, too!

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Visitors always see the vibrancy of their surroundings. Not just that of the foliage, the advertising and marketing, not just that of the food and the birds and the lights, but that of the people we visit and the strangers we encounter.

Tonight as we ride a subway from the Natural History Museum to Penn Station, a gentleman got on and played the bongos. It went well with the rockin’ and rollin’ of the subterranean train sliding in it’s tube. He then passed his hat and wished us all love.

We got hustled on Times Square for lunch, and we knew it. Those food hawkers are relentless. Stuck in a truck and screaming for our attention.

What I loved so much was the buildings, all different, a strange mix of new and old, tall, short, glass, metal, bricks and mortar. Of course, it’s the people they contain that these structures represent. Unique, quirky, sophisticated, transparent, comforting, fierce, cold.

Secret roof-top gardens on some of these structures betray that some level of nurturing tenderness has taken root. This New York City is America’s ‘tough-love’ big sister. She loves us all. We were walking along 8th Avenue when we encountered a fire department getting ready to roll. I stood with the fireman who blocked the sidewalk for a quick pic. Told him where I was from and the aloha poured between us. NYC has a lot in common with Hawaii, starting with aloha.