MiniMe time.

Kid2, aka, MiniMe, in front of Kilauea Caldeira on the Big Island.

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Since it’s just Kid2 and me for about a week, I promised her a shopping excursion to Ala Moana Shopping Center and lunch/dinner at the food court. I wanted to take her last Friday, but I had no faith in shopping during the storm, and I really wanted to be home for the nasty weather.

We first shopped today at Old Navy and found her a pair of denim bermuda shorts that she loved and a little beige and green skirt she swore up and down she’d wear everywhere. Well, I won’t let her wear it everywhere, but I did like it and I felt like she could use something a little dressy and something that would make her feel special.

Prior to heading over to the mall, she said she wanted to get a Jamba Juice, so we went to the one near my offices. While she and I were walking over to Jamba Juice, we encountered several of my colleagues. I introduced her as MiniMe, simply because this is how I’ve identified her over the years. When she got a chance, she quietly asked, “Do you KNOW them, Mom?” My children are no longer surprised that their mother often engages strangers in conversations. “I was wondering because you didn’t say who you were!” she told me. I assured her that they all know me and they probably feel like they know her, too.

Thinking about a swimming session at The Oahu Club tonight. Hoping that this new blog theme is working out. What I’d like to do is figure out how to rename this home page and start a new one. Then, I’d start a new page every two weeks or so, instead of letting years of daily blogging stack into one take. I agree with my friend @DkMshn that this page has too much stuff on it for it to load swiftly.

Any WordPress bloggers able to share a little insight with me?