Jiggedy Jig.

We were rudely awakened last night when the smoke detectors went off at 330am in our hotel room. It was the fourth night in a row that the eardrum-searing alarms went off. We got up and left for the airport.

The TSA lines snaked forever. I got selected for more searching, but I came out clean. How weird is this? We had a water bottle in our bag with the pretzels we forgot about! And I had a 4-oz bottle of moisturizer in my carry on. It all got thru. Seems to neutralize the strenuous effort TSA makes in Philly.

Both Sophie and I has miserable rides home. Her ear hurt her and I have a UTI, which is HELL HELL HELL when you’re on a plane and feel very conspicuous about the frequent bathroom trips. I blame having to queue up for bathroom facilities during our excursions. Almost makes you think dehydration isn’t so bad!

Like I said: mini blog post. Time for bed.

Love, me.