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The best part of today was when I got to my friend Peggi Petti Smith’s house and ended 35 years of not seeing each other with a hug that could get me through another IRL drought. However, I now know it wouldn’t be as long before I see her next. I have known Peggi (HCHS ’70) since I was a little girl singing in the folk choir at church, and she was this awesome teenager with wicked guitar skills. This afternoon as Jack Ryan (HCHS ’75) played guitar with Jimmy LaFond (HCHS ’76) as Jimmy sang James Taylor songs very well, I had my first real opportunity to relax.

Our arrival to Peggi’s barbecue, which I had been looking forward to since the winter, was delayed by nearly two hours because Kid1 had a horrible earache. It is with reluctance that I seek medical care, but I just had to find her some nearly 5,000 miles away from home. The doctor at the Virtua Hospital Children’s Emergency Room chatted Sophie up, lamented never having been to Hawaii, asked her about Shane Victorino, and told us her eardrum had ruptured, wrote her a prescription for antibiotics, and said her ear will not likely hurt while flying home because the rupture means pressure won’t build up, and the discharge of fluids means she’s on the mend. But she’s in a lot of pain and will be until the antibiotics kick in. She’s a trouper. She endured a lot of discomfort while I was enjoying time with Peggi’s family and some of our friends. She knew it was something I really wanted to do. When I realized how worn out she was, we left. I have such wonderful friends.

Last night was my high school reunion and I’m still shaping how I feel about the evening. It was joyous. I’ve really grown to care about these classmates of mine. I guess that comes with life’s softening our hard edges, our sharp wits, and priorities. It’s more important to linger over those things that give our lives vitality. So, let me get back to you on all that.

My daughters spent the night, as they did five years ago, with my brother’s daughters. It is so nice that these four girls can pick up where they left off, but a little older, a little bit more worldly. I was happy to hear their report of how their evening went. How bad can it be when you get ice cream for breakfast? LOL.

We arrived about 9:30 to enjoy a fantastic brunch set out by my sister-in-law. When you live so far from family, the best thing ever is simple conversation over wonderful food, and without drama. I do hope it isn’t five years before we can go back to see everyone again.







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