Tickled by a feather dangled by @lei_chic

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Now that I pay for this blog, I think I can pimp a little retail action every once in a while, right? If you’re a gal  in Hawaii like I am, and you get email like I do, then you’re probably already onto Lei Chic, the successful little daily missive founded and published by Alyson Helwagen a few years ago. So fine, so attractive a little email popper, it got gobbled up by PacificBasin Communications, which had the sense to hitch the market savvy Helwagen to their, uhmmm, wagon. Yeehah for the rest of us!

Yesterday I took the bait. Dangling ear candy, twists of silver and feathers, were featured by Lei Chic’s March 21 dispatch. Sold exclusively at a store at one of my favorite places in East Oahu, Kahala Mall Center (@KahalaMallCtr on Twitter), we just happened to go there last night!

While we let the girls loose in the Paperie, John parked himself on a bench and I traipsed into Therapy Boutique to see the fine feathered finds myself. Behind the counter was Chloe Brown, sweet, petite, and wearing some pretty feathers herself, she showed me what little she and her partner, Almond Joyce, had left.

“We’re going to be on the news tomorrow,” she said excitedly.

Silver swirls in my curls.
Pluck a pair of ShesCraftyJewelry earrings at Therapy Boutique at Kahala Mall Center.

I gravitated toward a swirly pair with a Chinese bead and a small feather on each end. They play hide and seek in my curls. Now you see them! Now you don’t! Reasonably priced, I thought for sure I’d want to come back for more someday.

It isn’t often that I get in at the beginning of something hip and fun and trendy. When a restaurant gets reviewed, it will be months before I feel its popularity and its menu has settled down. I like to know what’s going on, but it doesn’t mean I have to be what’s going on.

Happy to have gotten in on the buzz  before Chloe, Almond and the lovely therapy boutique by Tina Wary at Kahala Mall Center are flocked with little chicks looking to preen with feathers.

I had a tough time nailing down their Facebook page, but Chloe told me it’s at:


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