Wind whipped and wiped out

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Wind whipped and wiped out
Sun, Mar 20, 2011 8:01 AM Hawaii Time
Activity Type: Road Cycling | Event Type: Training
I don’t mind riding alone, but today was a super hard day and I wish I had John along with me.
The wind gusts nearly knocked me over a few times, and heading up Kamiloiki and Makapu’u hills, at times, felt like I was barely moving. The National Weather Service says there are gusts up to 40mph today and I think I personally got pummeled by a few of them! From that stretch between the Hawaii Kai Golf Course and Makapu’u Lookout, I think I got hit by no fewer than five. There were parts of the ride that were fun and enjoyable, and I always get a kick out of timing my descent from Makapu’u perfectly to power through without any vehicles barreling down my ass as I try to stay alive and upright. Like today. It’s glorious when you come out of that every time!
I saw a few groups today, and not too many lonely warriors like me. Since I don’t have a schedule to ride through the week, I get in my rides on the weekends.
This was not a pretty ride. I wanted to do 50, but by the time I got back out to Hawaii Kai and close to home, with more than 30 miles logged in, I decided I wasn’t having any fun. When it’s no fun, get out of it. No matter what it is.