How we age

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Here’s my experience: All those pictures of my friends from small-kid time I see on Facebook? If I were to pass any of these people at the Cherry Hill Mall on any given day, I would have no idea I went to school with them. Who are these people?

Today my cousin Mary Lou posted photos from her trip to Prague. First of all, what an interesting place to want to visit. I have no idea what the draw is, but, Mary Lou is always cutting edge like that. She works at Princeton University. One cannot help but be cerebral when surrounded by academics, and probably more so just north of Trenton. Mary Lou looks gorgeous. She’s two years younger than me. She might not want to disclose what her age is, so at this point, I won’t share mine, although it would be easy to find out. When I looked at Mary Lou’s pics with her friends, I wondered who these ladies were. Because, to me, Mary Lou was the girl in the pics, and everyone else was a lady or a woman, older than girls.

No doubt something changes within us as we age. My appreciation of the human form has broadened considerably. Maybe it’s the weakening eyes that allow for life to soften around the edges, or maybe it’s the realization that desire doesn’t subside because our looks have faded.  Beauty is young and beauty is old. But when I’m at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai, I welcome the chance to watch ESPN when the guys get all testosteronie and want to chest thump and watch sports. You kidding me? Why would I object to looking at the world’s healthiest men chase around balls, bring each other to the ground or pat each other on the butts? Dude. As you wish.

Yesterday, after a long day here at the HMSA Mothership, my former newspaper colleague and present friend, mostly on Facebook, passed me on the sidewalk and said hello. I was talking to a colleague, so he took me by surprise. Later he updated on Twitter how he KNEW I had no idea it was him. He’s right! We all change! But I think I post more pics of myself than does my friend Dave Reardon, sports writer at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Dude. Way to go with the element of surprise!

I don’t deny I’m aging. I get highlights put in my hair because it gets me closer to the little girl who was on the swim team for 10 years, who was a lifeguard for a little while, and learned to surf when she came to Hawaii nearly 30 years ago. When I was trying to have babies, I wore giant t-shirts and tent dresses to hide my folds of fat. And now I frequently work out and dabble in my on-line Weight Watchers plan because I figure it’s easier to do than to have Botox or plastic surgery attempt to subtract the  years.

I guess I’m still that girl. And my theory is, you guess you’re still that guy, or still that girl. When I go back for my 35th high school reunion in June, I’ll be that girl unsure as she walks in the room. How could you not recognize me? To refresh your memory, a picture. I was six? This pic is on Facebook, so I don’t know if  you can see it or not. I’m at work. It might be in my old phone. I’ll see what I can do. Sorry if you’re disappointed!