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I woke up this morning later than I had wanted at about 8:20 a.m. Something about sleeping beyond 7:30 sends me into a slight resignation that I might not accomplish all I want on any given weekend day.

I look out the window and the sky looks iffy. The wind is blowing. The yard needs work. Numerous chores neglected. Children to feed. You get the picture. I start thinking to myself that maybe I should stay home and get something done. But the problem with that is that I only get a fraction of those things taken care of. So when John kicks my butt out the door, despite my negative feelings inside, I relent. Part of the reason is I know I feel so much better after a ride or a workout at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai. Part of it is because if I only get a little bit done, and NOT ride, then there’s an exponential growth of negativity smoldering inside me, rendering me unbearable to be around.

I know some of you think that must be impossible! That I’m the most amazing wife, mom, friend, and cook alive. Go ahead and keep thinking that. Heh. But the man who married me knows better. And he can blame himself for building me bicycles and getting me to fall in love with doing something that makes me work my heart and lungs, my muscles, to BTB FTW & KMOB.

That would be BITE THE BULLET, EFF THE WIND & KICK MY OWN BUTT. And that is exactly what I did today.

When I came home the house looked great. John had the girls clean their respective areas, etc. The kitchen was ready for me to start the dinner that I have planned for the family tonight: cross-cut beef shanks roasting in the pretty blue Le Creuset Dutch oven, root vegetables, a perfect Sunday evening meal.

Today’s ride? The wind kicked my ass, the hills were tough, the traffic was intense, the other bicyclists, as usual, were quite friendly. Toward the end of my ride I encountered four guys who passed me on Kalanianaole Highway. I caught up with them in Portlock where they were cooling their heels. I went by and asked if they were mocking me, but they were just resting up. We compared notes and I told them I like to do the hills first and then do my ride. 31.61 miles today. They were on mile 80. Wow! I should figure out how to safely extend to 40, 50, 60 miles. I waved good bye to them when I turned off Lunalilo Home Road onto the Kaumakani Street closest to Kaiser High School, and I was home in less than five minutes. Good ride. FTW.