The #5kin100days Graduation Run

Today's rainbow ended in my garage refrigerator where a bottle of Bass Ale awaited me.

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Tonight I finished my #5kin100days week 14 day 3 workout. Do I look like I’ve been running three times a week for the last 14 weeks? Probably not. Does running and bicycling make your ass grow? Probably. But so does stuffing your face. Argh. I did get to the point where, at work, I declined more than half of what is offered. People were merciless when it came to holiday snacks. Not just cookies. Sausage rolls, cheese, crackers, malasadas, manapua, fried rice, pies, cakes, you name it. No salads or vegetable plates. Sigh. I guess that’s what it took for me to stay away from the snack cube.

Tonight I walked my first 10 minutes, got on Anahola in Portlock, and started my “run.” I made an effort to move my legs faster. I know not to increase my stride, because that’s where I’d get into trouble. Older runners are told to not stretch the stride but to increase the pace. That I did. And when I got done with my run, I had to walk a little bit to get back to point A. My pace was slightly better than yesterday: 14:50 pace per mile. Yup, slow going. Another sigh.

When I got to the end of my first 17-minute segment, I turned around on Kalanianaole Highway to head back home and saw a gorgeous rainbow from Hahaihone to Koko Crater. It looked like it could have ended at my house where there were a couple of Bass Ales waiting for me, of which I only had one. Should I again ask the question about the size of my ass? LOL. I didn’t stop until I got to Lunalilo Home Road and Kaumakani Street, where I got to walk up the hill a little bit to my start.

Next is my graduation run. Brad Gansberg doesn’t tell us how much time to spend running, but to run the 5k straight. He says we’re running a 5k now anyway. Just go for it and take it easy. I shall do my graduation run on Sunday, after my morning bicycle ride. I’ll probably do the route I did today. John will join me.

On 01/01/12, I’ll log in my graduation run and it will ignite within me the desire to run from point A to point B no matter where that B might be, to write all that I wish to write, and to be all that I dream I can be. And to be a good mom, a good wife, a good employee, and a good friend. Being healthy does seem to help the rest of the wannabes fall into place.