Win a $50 Safeway Gift Card


I’ve got this fabulous $50 gift card from Safeway to pass along to someone who comments on my blog in response to this post. I thought it was for someone in Hawaii, but anyone who lives in a Safeway zone is eligible to win.

It’s my way of helping promote Safeway’s Just4U program. I got online, registered my card, and the Website mined my data to round up suggestions, coupons and Club Card savings individualized to my needs. The site virtually loads my Club Card with the savings I select from Safeway’s suggestions. It’s pretty cool! It selected things I tend to buy: fresh veggies such as asparagus and tomatoes, Barilla Plus pasta, Bryer’s ice cream, even Weight Watchers 1-point frozen treats! These suggestions are only available to me, and not advertised in the store. I would have to say that Safeway is going the extra mile to get me to spend my money there, but I feel as though I’m saving money, too.

I had the site email my shopping list to my gmail account, and I was able to access it via my iPhone to grab what I had on my list, both Safeway’s suggestions and my coupon requests.

Give it a shot!

And please respond! Everyone who responds by noon Saturday, June 26, 2010, will be put in a very random drawing. I’m thinking about Kid2, aka Charlotte, doing the honors, since her birthday is Monday. She’s going to be 9 years old. Has it been that long? Sheesh!

I don’t know about you, but, $50 isn’t just a small bag of potatoes around my house! What could you do with a bonus of 50 Safeway bucks? I’ve got a birthday party coming up. This will surely help!