Up at the-butt-crack-of dawn

The butt-crack-of-dawn is a funny name somebody called my early morning workouts several years ago on HawaiiThreads. It’s stuck and I use it on Facebook and Twitter. So do others.
So this morning, my alarm went off at 330 and I sat up at 335 and managed to be out the door in 10 minutes, on my way to 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai. My old elliptical machine was free. I wiped it down, I gingerly stepped on, and, just like riding a bicycle, I remembered how to program for my 35-minute session. However, instead of setting it for an incline of 12 and resistance of six, I put those at four and two, respectively.
When you haven’t done something for five months, I believe that burning some 227 calories, working up a sweat, and being conscious of every twinge going on in my foot, is very much like any other person starting an excercise routine.
So now I’m new again. Instead of having to work out at top speed, which is where I left off, I have the luxury of having the simplest of efforts pay off well.
It was great to be back. The gym had been remodeled while I was gone, but the regulars greeted me like an old friend and left me alone like I was part of the scenery. It was great. Oh, even the abdominal benches were refreshed. Spent a little time on one of those, too.
I’m no longer crazy. I’m only going to go two or three times a week. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recovery, it’s moderation. That’s what I credit for being able to squeeze into the same pants!