Mahalo for reading

It is the nicest thing to get feedback in an email or a tweet or here on my comments section that you enjoyed something I’ve written.
Writers write for an audience. It’s no fun to throw your words into the pond and no one else watches the ripples with you.
Many people keep journals without publishing them, many people like to write down what they are feeling, close the book or the laptop, with no intention of sharing it. I encourage you to write something down every day, make an effort to put down a few sentences about what you are feeling, the great stuff, the crap. It will be there for you in the future. Someday you’ll come upon something you wrote, and you’ll unleash a torrent of feelings that will sweep you back to that place. You’ll think about what you did, the what ifs, the way you wish it might have gone instead, you’ll learn from it.
Sometimes I go back to stuff I’ve written and have been very embarrassed by it. Other times, I’m not. It’s giving witness to a mental molting. You see where you’ve been, you understand where you are in the present. You think about what to write next. You think about your children or their children discovering the textural time capsule you’ve left behind. They’ll love it.