Is it just me, or did Tuesday feel like a double header, with Monday rolled into the morning, and Tuesday afternoon getting things, for the most part, squared away?
As much as we love three-day weekends, we pay for them a little bit on the back end. I had an exhausting Memorial Day weekend, culminated with a family gathering Monday evening. I started grilling all of my courses early in the afternoon. When the last guest arrived, I pulled the last bit of chicken skewers off the grill.
As is always the case, the bubbly flowed, which might also explain the sluggishness of Tuesday. So today, when I weigh in for WeightWatchers@Work, I hope the results are zero to no weight gain for change. But, one must always anticipate a dose of reality and sin no more. Eh. A set back is only as destructive as you let it be. Plan better, make a pot of WW Zero-point soup, eat fiber, skip most of, but not all of, the fat.
I’ll tweet about it later. I’ve been eating so much fruit and veggies that I wonder if I’m starting to look like this:
Well, I did have steak in my salad last night…