Gorgeous day for a ride! 51.9 miles!

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My stats on Garmin.

My red ride and a tourists' red ride.
My red ride and a tourists' red ride.

Such a beautiful morning for a ride! Sure, there was wind. The hills were hateful. But there were a lot of fellow cyclist sufferers on the road. Probably with the same goals as me: train for next week’s Haleiwa Metric Century. I’m glad I went, but at the moment, I am sore! I had started feeling my thighs at about mile 40. My average moving speed today was 16.8 mph, no doubt because of all the other cyclists on the roads. I like to pass or be pushed, and I got a lot of both of that today. Everyone was pleasant, too! Nothing beats a ride where there are a lot of friendly vibes.

I even got a wave from Gensiro Kawamoto, the Japanese billionaire whose photo I posted on my blog yesterday. I said hi to him as I was riding by on my bicycle. He sure is all over that Kahala Avenue property of his!

Lots of whales today. As it is now April, I believe we in Hawaii will soon be saying, “Hail and farewell, dear  fair whales!”  as they head back toward the poles.