Mea Culpa!

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Last Thursday, April 21, 2011, I proclaimed it Administrative Professionals Day. It was not. When I wrote it, I really felt I had my sources on straight but apparently not.

I apologize to anyone that blog update inconvenienced, and to those administrative professionals who might have had to enjoy two lunch dates with their bosses.

Because, really, was it that big a deal last week? That day I got 103 hits, hardly a ripple in the blogosphere.

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day. Maybe my post last week put this on everyone’s mind. Maybe not. But to come clean yesterday, I tweeted this:

Paula Bender
lavagalPaula Bender
So TODAY is Admin Professionals Day? I pulled a false alarm last week? Buahahaaa! Thank me anyway. NOW YOU’RE READY!
Honestly, that Buahahaaa was my feeble attempt at covering my embarrassment. I’m always embarrassing myself. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.
I asked one of my managers why she didn’t tell me I was wrong, and she said she didn’t want to make me feel bad. I guess no one did because no one said anything to me.
Here’s the deal. When it comes to my writing and my blogging, I really want to be right. It would be great if everything in my life were right, but I’m OK with the fact that it’s not always the case. Please tell me if you notice I’ve got my head up my ass and my facts all mixed up. I really do want to fix what’s wrong. That’s my style. Own it and don’t blame anyone else. My writing is to help set hearts and minds and thoughts right. If I cannot get silly stuff like Hallmark-made holidays straight, then why would you pay attention to me any other time? Send me an email, tweet me a direct message, or send me a secret message on Facebook. Shoots! Call me out in public if it makes you feel good. I’ve got a tough skin when it comes to my writing (other areas? Not so tough).
I will love you for it, thank you secretly or publicly, and I will be immeasurably grateful and indebted to you forever.