Last training ride before the Haleiwa Metric Century

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John asked me about 530 this morning if I wanted to go for a ride. We got out of the house a minute before 7 a.m. It was cloudy and breezy, and we fully expected to ride through nasty weather. However, that wasn’t the case. We enjoyed a relaxed ride under overcast skies with cool, gentle breezes.

When I first get started, I’m not that relaxed, my legs are a bit stiff and my lungs whine a little. Those are the conditions I’m not quite worked through when we get to the hills of Kamiloiki and Makapu’u. Maybe I would be better at them a little deeper into the ride, but, I’m all about getting through the hard stuff first. When we were getting ready to launch back down Makapu’u, some fancy group came up, either Cambio or Boca or Team Jet, and as I always do I say hello. It’s like saying hi to the cool kids. Some actually say hi back!

A white van held back while John and I flew down Makapu’u, where I clocked in at 38.7mph, and we made our way to Diamond Head Lookout. We had ginger chews and some water, I took some pics and posted them to Facebook and Twitter, and we headed back. Instead of taking Kahala Avenue all the way down to the hotel, John took me into one of the Diamond Head ‘hoods and to Puu Panini Street where we admired the real estate. What’s it like to be a captain of industry?

We are ready for tomorrow. Since Hawaii Kai is about as far as one can get from Haleiwa, we’ll be launching early. I feel pretty good, ready; and I’m looking forward to riding with friends for the Haleiwa Metric Century.