Mysterious Words With Friends Opponents

People come and go in my Words With Friends matches, and I believe I’m a formidable opponent, most of the time.

Sometimes I’m taken by surprise. For instance I thought my opponent HiLiz was one Liz I know on Twitter and Facebook, but it was actually another one. And I think I play now fewer than three gals named Liz. I play guys and gals from all over the Mainland. I don’t think I have any overseas opponents. But really, how would I know?

So now I’m playing a third game with a guy whose handle I don’t recognize, JuanTimer. He’s beaten me three times. Mercilessly! Why come back for more? He makes me feel like I’m illiterate and inadequate. He’s the cat, I’m the mouse. He toys with me. He pisses me off. Last night when he started another game, I sent him a message through the app: “Back for more suffering?” And he responded, FINALLY. He asked if John would want to play. AHA! He knows me AND John!

I like knowing a little bit about my opponents, but it’s always up to them to respond to my friendly queries such as “WhoTFRU? LOL.

By the way, I thought it was super awesome that my new board with my aforementioned opponent, HiLiz, opened just like this! I didn’t even rearrange the letters! This is h