Pau hana by the bay

Workout day 53 (a lunch-time walk); @postaday 34; #postaday2011.

It’s a gentle evening. The girls are running along the dock, giggling, looking for crabs, their bellies full with mondo burritoness. I grabbed a table that commands views from Koko Crater to Koko Head, and Maunalua Bay in-between.

Traffic crosses the nearby bridge, silhouetted as the sun recedes in the west, on the other side of Diamond Head. Flying mullet slap lazy belly flops in the marina, athletes paddle their one-man outrigger canoes amid those gliding by on stand-up paddle boards.

Motor boats slow in the no-wake zone, and a patient fisherman preserves his marriage by tending several lines set up near his beach-side Lazy-Boy. It is doubtful catching dinner is his ambition.

So while I wait patiently for a phone call, my sound track is Hawaiian slack-key guitar on the public address system as mynah birds hula in the grass.