Reflections on connections

Connecting with other people is a lot like investing. Some connections pay off and develop into rich friendships. Some connections pay off when someone assists us with a need. And some connections don’t pay off, leaving us wondering why we took a chance and wasted the time we cannot reclaim.
This is what I’ve been rolling around in my mind over the last few days. I feel like it’s something I want to write about. Connections that result in lasting friendships, connections that reignite years later, and connections that tear at us, that might leave us feeling hopeless.
When you are a parent, it pains you to see these little tears occur in your children’s lives. We know it is wise to sit back and let the events school them, toughen them, make them more discriminating in the future.
One day I got a phone call from a friend who came home to find that her man had moved out while she was at work. He left a note that said he felt the need to be with the mother of his child. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision, in fact it’s one that I applaud. A child is the future and a father should invest in that relationship as well.
So what is that feeling of finding the closet half empty, the house echoing without a companion with whom one’s heart and soul invested their most intimate thoughts and dreams? Remember that? I think we all do. It’s important to learn from that dark low point. Life is a graph of emotions that do not always climb with ecstasy. Thank goodness for the dips that add contrast and an opportunity for reflection.
Whoa. Feeling kinda metaphysical today.
Sweet! While I wasn’t watching, my 10,000th hit occurred over the last couple of days. Mahalo for visiting, reading and commenting. I hope our connection results in enriching your life somehow. I love to connect with you this way.