Oh, the humanity!

Rant alert. Well, maybe just a little.

When you’re in a one-vehicle household, you make the best of it. So you befriend your bus drivers, you get to know other passengers, you are part of the scenery. This week two of my three bus drivers are on vacation. Thank goodness J.R., my afternoon driver, is still in town.

In the morning, riders are generally clean, but not always. Unaware slacker dudes sit in the front when they shouldn’t. Most of the time,  they do not get a clue, unless some tiny little mamasan or tutu gets on and cracks the whip.

The afternoon is a free-for-all nut festival. And you know what? I have to get all tita to get a seat. And I do. Look. That backpack of yours did not pay $2 for the window seat, but my butt did. So guess what? Make some room because won’t you be my neighbor?

I had to do that today. The gentleman behind the thick eyeglasses so studiously doing the Jumble in the paper got a bit miffed,  and so did some big dude who was going out the big door in front of me, but I don’t give them the satisfaction of eye contact. Sheesh. I’ve got survival techniques, you know. No ways am I going to let somebody who wants to school me catch my eye. I see ya, but I don’t see ya, so C’ya!

As I was getting off theBus today, I told J.R. that I have to get all pushy haole girl on the gang so I can sit down. He chuckled. He’s a tough guy as bus drivers go, but I don’t want him to think I’ll put him on the spot. I can take care of myself. Might be why he calls me his  favorite passenger.

It’s either that or I acknowledge his humanity on a daily basis. I’m betting that’s really it.